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Posted: July 2, 2016 in Poetry, Relationships, Uncategorized
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It’s okay to let go,Free yourself…

It’s okay to say no,

Respect yourself…

The emotional sin of allowing ones self to carry the pieces of a broken heart while constantly wading in the toxic waters of infidelity and untruths is arguably self inflicted.

You’re the only participant in your mission to diminishing your worth yet you attempt to put the blame on one that has proven to be repetitively untrustworthy…

Is it worth it all?

Have you experienced any benefits or progression toward the happiness of yourself?

The overflow of tears that broke the levies to your soul, what do they account for?

Has every effort you’ve exuded to perusing atonement left you more restless, more vulnerable, more susceptible to the bullshit? 

Covet your energy and reclaim your pride, your dignity, your respect…

Accountability is necessary so that blame can become irrelevant.

The weight of love felt for ones self should always tip the scale in your favor…

Remember that respect and trust are never conditional and will always create chaos when not honored.

Be strong enough to repair any situation that can be remedied but also be wise enough to walk away from what’s beyond repair.

The cycle of self destruction begins with you and ultimately ends with you…

You have the power to change any situation that isn’t inspiring and motivating you toward something greater.

The thought that someone else could possess such an abundance of power over you is a mockery to the creation of self love.

Make yourself proud,

It’s okay…


Posted: November 22, 2014 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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I may not be perfect
But I know I’m not typical.
I understand that I’m flawed
But I own all of them as if they didn’t exist.
To me, they’re not flaws at all…
They’re the blueprint that shows and tells a beautiful struggle called growth.
I’m aware that self confidence ignites ambition and progression, so I hold it at its highest esteem.
Acceptance of you absolutely and completely echoes volumes of sureness and potential.
It shows that even though you love your exterior, your interior is indestructible and ready to withstand all that life has in stored.
It proves integrity, morale, and dignity without verbal interaction.
Just the presence of you
The light that illuminates from your soul
The minds you drive insane with just the thought of your thoughts
You are beautiful beyond visual understanding
You just have to believe it…

-Nik xoxo

Hey guys… Thank you all for reading this! Honestly, I sat in my bed and just started writing and this is what poured out.. Lol!! And I love it! I usually try to schedule time to write, but when it just oozes out, it becomes special… I left this poem untitled because I really wanted your input… Any title suggestions???

Be Grateful…

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“Be grateful for the little things” is a phrase that we’ve all either heard or lent out as encouragement and motivation. If you’re anything like me, this is often said when it’s hardest to accept, so the deep sighs and eye rolling are usually immediate responses. When things seem chaotic and unreconcilable in our lives, we tend to want to lean toward self pity and self defeat which does nothing but punishes our future. Even though we’re positive things could be a million times worst, the minute problems we encounter causes us to ignore the realities of life and merely focus on the current negativities. It’s as if the countless number of people who are constantly wondering where their next meal will come from or the next place of shelter will be doesn’t amount to the fact that you hate your job or you’re drowning in debt. I know that sounds ridiculous and self serving, but our actions and feelings toward everyday troubles tend to be the most important and no one else in the world could possibly be enduring the level of grief that were experiencing.

Yes, we’re also completely aware that this way of thinking can be a tad dramatic and over the top, especially when our once horrible life circumstance is resolved sooner than we expected. This just goes to show us that were all works in progress. Every expectation may not be met but the effort given to rectify and diminish the obstacles set before us is the motivation that fuels greatness. Don’t defeat yourself believing that you can’t succeed or reach any goals you’ve set for yourself.

This life we live has already been scripted… It’s up to us to improv and play the role to its highest potential. You only get one shot at life so appreciate the hard times as much as the great ones because those hard times sculpt that required toughness needed to persevere. So even when you believe you’re not strong enough to get through certain situations, believe that God already knows you are. You just need to prove that to yourself. Remember, every day were blessed to live is a new day to begin again. Once the understanding that things we take for granted such as breathing, opening our eyes every morning, and having the will and faith to push through what we may consider the hard times, the terms “be grateful” and “be thankful” will take on a whole new meaning.