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BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!If this statement offends you in any way,

Please give me the honor and privilege to illuminate the facts.

You see, before you can assume a movement is offensive, you have to be willing to crawl beneath the surface of hate and gain knowledge of the truth and accept it.

Yes it’s true that ALL LIVES MATTER, but are “all” lives in danger of being executed by the police at any given second dependent upon which cop is on duty? 

Do “all” lives have to be publicly televised mourning the death of a loved one due to the impulsive, carefree actions of those expected to protect and serve? 

Have “all” lives witnessed the evolution of oppression and hate that breeds behind a badge of a corrupt soul that has no plan for equality or unity?

Is it common for “all” lives to feel that hateful state of mind that kept a race obsolete for centuries is being resurrected within the minds of those that’ve taken on the task of securing our freedom? Oops, I meant safety???

So again… 



And I’ll scream it from the hills to the hood, because while all lives matter, BLACK lives are being exterminated…

BLACK lives are being devalued, neglected, and stolen from their families more than any life that does and should matter. 

But the question that plagues the families of the victims, the supporters, and the protestors still remain… 

When will any of it matter? 

When will it matter enough for change to finally take place? 

How many executions have to be televised before a revolution is realized? 

The fact is we are on a path toward social and civil destruction and the only remedies are accountability, justice, equality, and understanding that BLACK LIVES MATTER!