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It’s been awhile…

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Something in my spirit has awakened and has told me that my pen has been silent way too long… I’m back… 😘☺️


My Gratitude

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Stay tuned… 💋


Mr. Einstein couldn’t have been more spot on! Even though it kills me to believe this about myself, it turns out that I’m insane! In so many areas of my life, I’ve consciously engaged in the same knowingly toxic behaviors and situations time and time again while trying to convince myself that the outcome will be different. One area of my life that this quote mirrors is my social/love life. I find myself rummaging through past relationships in hopes that whatever ended the situation will not repeat itself. We avoid looking at the reality of our “not so good” relationships and try to put forth all of our efforts not to relive the heartache we’ve previously experienced, with the exact person who inflicted our emotional scars. We tell ourselves over and over “we’re working on things” but in actuality, the temporary smiles and seldom good days only mask the truth. Day in and day out you find yourself going the distance to prove you want things to work through various tactics… More sex, spontaneous blow jobs, home cooked meals, less nagging, order the NFL Sunday ticket; you know, all the things you know your mate desires. Truth is… There’s nothing you can possibly do to change the mind or heart of anyone. And even if you could, would you really want to? No one should have to change the mind of anyone when it comes to the extent of the love and respect they have for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to second chances and trying to rekindle things but, if your team member isn’t willing to put at minimum the effort you’re giving, quite frankly, you’re insane. You may do different things in your relationship but if those relationships are with the same people who’ve “tried” and failed numerous times, you have to retain your dignity and self respect and make the decision to leave the realms of insanity and indulge in self worth.

Hey guys!!!! I love this quote and how it can be used in any aspect of my life at any time. Do you agree? Disagree? Whenever I find myself being repetitious without any change or positive benefit, I look back to this one specific quote to put things back into perspective. I hope it helps someone who’s just as insane as I can be some days.. 😊

So I almost never post pics of myself on my blog… No particular reason… But I love, love, love this lace t-shirt dress I came across! Not only is it comfy, the lace and length still make it sexy. Not to mention the words, “When Was The Last Time”, not only makes the dress intriguing, it makes the person wearing it that much more interesting. Trust me… It was a definite conversation starter last night… Lol! Besides, there’s a million and one reasons to ask yourself or someone else “When was the last time?”. There’s a last time for everything! The answers and possibilities are endless! What do you guys think about apparel that literally makes a statement? Do you think it takes confidence to pull off or perhaps, does it create confidence by others reaction?



It never fails… I always find myself being that friend with all of the answers when it comes to love and relationships. But how??? How could I’ve possibly been deemed relationship guru when I’m beyond clueless when it comes to applying my advice to my own life? I’m not positively sure why but, I’m guessing it has something to do with the correlation of wisdom and
experience. You see, my friends all know that I’ve been through more than enough when speaking of toxic
relationships and the drama that comes along with it. Therefore, “He who has been dragged through the gutter has to have picked up some valuable trinkets/knowledge on the
way.” LOL!

Its 2:49 am… My phone rings. My mind immediately tells me it’s either an after the club booty call or, one of my girlfriends will be on the other end yelling and/or crying about her current failing “situationship”. Almost 87
percent of the time it’s one of my girlfriends… Surprised it wasn’t a booty call??? Pardon me but I’m a lady!!! LOL! I sit up in bed and begin to explain why we shouldn’t be having this conversation AGAIN in my most
therapeutic voice (for calming purposes of course). I tell her, just because we crave change in a man doesn’t mean it’s going to be realized. Don’t stunt your growth by
allowing the stagnation of someone else dictate your emotional well being. Stand up for yourself! Take accountability for what YOU keep allowing to occur. Respect should always be required at all times. Just as always, I hear a deep sigh… My girlfriend then says, “You know what? You’re right… I’m home now. I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you girlfriend! Thank you!”

I hang up the phone and sit there in complete silence. How the hell did I manage to give out such sound, matter of fact advice when my relationship status is almost always in a state of anarchy? You mean to tell me I could’ve just told myself the same exact shit and I would’ve been rid of all
of my emotional turmoil. Unbelievable!!!!!! Smh… LOL! This
has to be one of thee most frustrating, borderline hypocritical modes of self torture. It just proves that we really do possess the knowledge necessary to heal ourselves from self inflicted emotional distress. We just choose not
to take heed or listen to the one person that knows us best. Instead we consistently and knowingly replay the same hurtful circumstances and look for persons or things to blame for our unhappiness. It’s about time we all take accountability for our own emotional sanity.


Be Grateful…

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“Be grateful for the little things” is a phrase that we’ve all either heard or lent out as encouragement and motivation. If you’re anything like me, this is often said when it’s hardest to accept, so the deep sighs and eye rolling are usually immediate responses. When things seem chaotic and unreconcilable in our lives, we tend to want to lean toward self pity and self defeat which does nothing but punishes our future. Even though we’re positive things could be a million times worst, the minute problems we encounter causes us to ignore the realities of life and merely focus on the current negativities. It’s as if the countless number of people who are constantly wondering where their next meal will come from or the next place of shelter will be doesn’t amount to the fact that you hate your job or you’re drowning in debt. I know that sounds ridiculous and self serving, but our actions and feelings toward everyday troubles tend to be the most important and no one else in the world could possibly be enduring the level of grief that were experiencing.

Yes, we’re also completely aware that this way of thinking can be a tad dramatic and over the top, especially when our once horrible life circumstance is resolved sooner than we expected. This just goes to show us that were all works in progress. Every expectation may not be met but the effort given to rectify and diminish the obstacles set before us is the motivation that fuels greatness. Don’t defeat yourself believing that you can’t succeed or reach any goals you’ve set for yourself.

This life we live has already been scripted… It’s up to us to improv and play the role to its highest potential. You only get one shot at life so appreciate the hard times as much as the great ones because those hard times sculpt that required toughness needed to persevere. So even when you believe you’re not strong enough to get through certain situations, believe that God already knows you are. You just need to prove that to yourself. Remember, every day were blessed to live is a new day to begin again. Once the understanding that things we take for granted such as breathing, opening our eyes every morning, and having the will and faith to push through what we may consider the hard times, the terms “be grateful” and “be thankful” will take on a whole new meaning.