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So I almost never post pics of myself on my blog… No particular reason… But I love, love, love this lace t-shirt dress I came across! Not only is it comfy, the lace and length still make it sexy. Not to mention the words, “When Was The Last Time”, not only makes the dress intriguing, it makes the person wearing it that much more interesting. Trust me… It was a definite conversation starter last night… Lol! Besides, there’s a million and one reasons to ask yourself or someone else “When was the last time?”. There’s a last time for everything! The answers and possibilities are endless! What do you guys think about apparel that literally makes a statement? Do you think it takes confidence to pull off or perhaps, does it create confidence by others reaction?




When the weather begins to change, so does your skin and that includes the skin on your lips my friends. So, here’s a quick little sugar exfoliant/scrub to give those lips a little TLC. This sweet concoction will have your lips feeling smooth and ready for any type of lip service. 😉 Not only does this soften your lips, it helps prevent them from being chapped because of a splash of a simple ingredient which adds and retains moisture. You’ll even notice how much easier you lipstick/gloss glides on. This sugary lip therapy is a sure way to pout perfection.

So here’s what you’ll need:

*About 2 Tbsp of sugar
*2-3 tsp of honey
*just a splash of extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients to a thick, sticky, grainy consistency. Apply mixture to clean dry lips and let sit for about a minute or so. Next, gently rub back and forth with either your finger or a damp wash cloth. Rinse with cool water, blot dry and apply your favorite balm, gloss, or lip stick. My favorite lip moisturizer hands down is “Baby Lips” by Maybelline in “Berry Bomb”. It’s feels amazing on your lips and gives the cutest translucent purple hue just perfect for fall.


Keep your kisses sweet… 😉


Every woman on the planet all have the same concerns when it comes to acquiring and maintaining a gorgeous mane. There a million products that proclaim the promotion of strong healthy tresses which are offered almost everywhere from local beauty supply stores, to expensive salon services. Not to discredit anyone’s store brought hair remedies or the actual positive results that may come from usage but, why spend money on ridiculously priced hair therapies and treatments when all you need is right in your own kitchen…

Now, I am no hair guru by far and I’ve had plenty of experiences where I believed the Hair God’s were punishing me with eternal breakage and constant damage but, since I’ve recently vowed to care for my hair, I did a little research for more natural ingredients and alternatives that ensure hair bliss. What I’ve come to realize is the most important step in repairing dry undernourished hair is incorporating a deep conditioning regimen. Once a week I mix up a few simple ingredients to make my own deep conditioner and after only three weeks, I already notice a positive change in the health of my hair. Here’s what I use…

*Cream of Natures Argon Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment – I absolutely adore this conditioner! This stuff is my miracle in a bottle! It can actually stand alone without any other added ingredients but I choose to rev it up. (You can substitute with your own personal favorite conditioner)

*1 egg– The incredible edible egg is most important in my deep conditioning mix. The amount of protein in one egg can create an intense protein treatment. The protein in eggs help rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Being as though hair is composed of 70% keratin protein, the egg protein fills in the gaps and help restore and repair damages. Not only will you have stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage, that added protein is essential for hair growth.

*1 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil– Olive oil (just a very small amount) will give your hair a healthy weightless glow. The addition of this essential oil is sure to give life and add moisture and shine to lack luster hair.

I mix all three ingredients and apply to my freshly washed and towel dried hair. You can leave this in for as little as 20 minutes or an hour. I usually leave mine in while I’m writing or just doing chores around the house. The longer it sits the better. Well thats what I like to believe… Lol. I then rinse with luke warm to cool water, style accordingly, and VIOLA!!! Revitalized hair!!!

Happy Conditioning Folks… Enjoy!



I don’t know about you guys but, my most anticipated time of the year is… Drum roll please… FALL!!!!! Yes ladies and gents, time to go to the mall to shop for the latest season appropriate attire, move your boots and jackets to the front of your closets, and make that trip to whatever storage area you utilize to resurrect your must have fall pieces. That feeling of unveiling your favorite distressed denim jacket (which you swore you lost or was stolen) can be euphoric if you love fashion as much as I. But it doesn’t just stop at fashion for fall. The new colors and shades that are deemed essential for your lips and nails are always boldly amazing. With that being said, let me show you just a couple of fall worthy trends that I absolutely adore.

Distressed is Best

Whether it’s a jacket, shirt, or bottoms, denim in my eyes is thee Holy Grail of fashion. It can be dressed up or down, and the shades and washes are endless. One of my personal favorites are the distressed denims. The rips paired with the rugged worn look create an edgy look that can serve as the foundation to serve simple chic! Check these out…





No Shade to Leather and Suede

Two very vital textiles for the fall have to be leather and suede. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a leather or suede jacket or blazer that fits as if it was specifically made for you. Not to mention, when it comes to fabulous fall footwear such as peep toe and ankle booties, sexy knee or thigh high boots, or even that trusty pointed toe pump, leather and suede always reign supreme. Oh and ladies, if you can get your hands on a leather or suede pencil skirt, God loves you and you should be oh so grateful. Also don’t be afraid to go bold with your color and texture selection. Nothing screams fabulous more than a turquoise snakeskin peep toe bootie. Here are a few options/ideas…








Nail that Pout!

Another reason I can’t get enough of fall is the beautiful deep pallets offered that can automatically give life to your pout and nails. Nothing screams confidence and “I got my shit together” like a bold lip and flawless nails to match. Along with your faithful, traditional nude pallet, berries, purples, browns, oranges, and reds are beautiful daring fall shades to add to your collection. Here are a few shades I must have or do have…





*Nik Fact

Now now… fall is the season when the truth starts to wiggle its way out. It’s easy and beyond affordable to ball so hard in the summer season ladies when you’re buying ten dresses for $100 made of 90% spandex and 10% lycra, but when the weather changes to full length jacket prices and quality is favored, I’m sure those Instagram pictures will gradually decline. Gents, watch your faux video vixen magically turn into your below average mediocre. Not to say you can’t bargain shop or find great prices for amazing fall attire but, usually the thrifty, summer loving chicks don’t have a clue where those deals are.

I used to dream about being married and raising a family: Two boys and one girl to be exact. We would live comfortably in a beautiful home where we would be safe and just like a fairy tale, live happily ever after. It’s almost a little selfish to admit but, my dream will never be realized. The way the world is right now, chances are I’ll end up with what I already have. .. Just my daughter and I. Smh… This world has gone absolutely insane so I’ll just say what’s exactly on my mind, straight and to the point without the sugar coating…

I REFUSE TO GIVE BIRTH TO A BEAUTIFUL BROWN BABY BOY AND HAVE HIM TAKEN AWAY FROM ME DAYS BEFORE HE GOES AWAY TO COLLEGE!!!!!! I want my king to be able to excel as high as the heavens without fear of being shot and killed before his full potential has even began to flourish. I don’t want to bury my child over senseless violence which can’t be reconciled or explained. It sickens me to witness this kind of slaughter especially by way of “law enforcement”. Is this what serving and protecting consists of? NO REGRET, NO REMORSE, NO REPERCUSSIONS, NO RECOURSE, and NO RIGHT to be so damn corrupt! It rips my heart apart to even imagine the level of sorrow these families are going through. My hat and heart goes out to the mothers that are strong enough to endure such tragedies but, honestly I don’t think I possess that super power these women have been forced to acquire. And before everyone gets all self righteous and judgmental, No… I am not a pessimist. Far from it actually… All you have to do is turn on the news at any given hour, pick up your local newspaper, goggle the latest breaking news, or even check your social media. Then you’ll see that I’m a realist that lives in fear of reality. It’s my own opinion and I know many may disagree but, everybody needs a little honesty sometime. I’m not saying this is how I’ll feel forever… It’s just how I’ve been feeling lately. Until a solution is found to end this apparent genocide, my dreams of having a big family are indefinitely on hold.


*Thanks for allowing me to vent out that bit of rage in me. These recent tragedies that are depleting our families and our race have really taken a toll on my mind and my heart. I could blog about this topic forever but I’ll leave it be for now because it’s such a sensitive issue not only to learn about but to speak about as well. I feel a little better now that I got some of it off of my chest*

Listen up Ladies and gents!!! I’m sure you’ve all heard about Kegel exercises by now but, I’m going to dive a little deeper into the topic and explain that not only do these wonderful discreet exerises benefit women, they also can be performed by men as well!

“Kegels” or kegel exercises, help to strengthen your pelvic floor by contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles. In women, during pregnacy and/or childbirth, our pelvic floor can become stretched and weakened leading to possible urinary incontinence and even more startling… It can down play and depleasurize (yes I said depleasurize; its my blog so I’ll use my words! LOL!) that amazing moment we all yearn for… THE ORGASM!!!

Lets get educated…

Kegels work what is known as the “pubococcygeus” muscle, or for short, the PC muscle. The PC is the muscle you find yourself using whenever you’re trying not to pee your pants when you have to go really bad. After women were told by Dr. Arnold Kegel (AKA the Kegel founder) to contract and relax their PC muscle, not only did it help with bladder control and incontinence, subsequently orgasms were happening more frequently and were more intense. Talk about a magnificent side effect!!! Who knew this simple extremely easy “exercise” could be so sexually gratifying!?!? By contracting and relaxing the PC muscle, it becomes stronger and increases blood and oxygen flow to an already super sensitive area. Stronger PC muscles provide a tighter vagina making penetration so much more enjoyable for you and him. Ladies if you’re smart you’d be on your 100th kegel by the time you’re done reading this!!!


Ladies, even though you can effectively do kegel excercises without any assistance, you can always kick it up a notch by using Ben Wa Balls.

Ben Wa Balls

These are great for strengthening your PC muscles. The balls are weighted, therefore you’ll have to use the muscles in your vagina to hold these bad boys in.

How to use your Ben Wa Balls

-First, its a good idea to use the restroom (pee) before inserting the balls.
-Insert one at a time and squeeze your legs and PC muscles to hold them in.
-Hold them inside for about 15 minutes a day to strengthen your PC muscles or even hours for a better coochie workout.
-Remove the balls by either jumping up and down, sneeze, cough, sit and bear down as if you’re having a bowel movement or use a little lube to slide them out.

*There are Ben Wa Balls that have a “retrieval cord” which make it easier to remove*

gold ben wa balls

red ben wa balls

*Fun Tips*

-While the balls are inserted, rock back and forth in a sitting position with your legs pressed together. This will arouse you every single time! Trust me!

-While having sex, leave one or both balls in if you’re really feeling freaky!!! His penis will move the balls around causing more sexual stimulation for both parties involved.

Now for the guys…

Besides the obvious benefit of getting busy with a serial kegler and seeing your lady go crazy at the heightened moment of ecstasy, kegel exercises are also great for you as well.


Both men and women possess PC muscles, so if you thought that only women can kegel you’re sadly mistaken. Again, the PC muscle isn’t a vagina muscle, its a pelvic muscle. When men contract and relax their PC muscles, not only does it massage the prostate promoting prostate health, it increases ejaculatory control and creates prolonged more pleasurable climaxes!!! Yup! You read correctly quick pumpers! LOL!!! Kegeling will help you last longer!

Candida Royalle, author of “How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do”, suggests a fun way for men to kegel. With a wash cloth draped over your erect penis, squeeze your PC muscles to lift the wash cloth, then a wet one. When that becomes easier, do the same with a dry hand towel then a wet one. If you’re really hot shit, try a dry bath towel then a wet one.



Hi friends!!! So I’m going to disclose a natural beauty/health product that I swear by AKA my secret potion… APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!!!! Yes people, Apple Cider Vinegar is absolutely amazing but please make sure its purchased in the raw organic form with the “mother” inside. Now before you get all weirded out, the “mother” is just the term used for the dark substance you’ll notice at the bottom of the bottle. That substance is basically strand like enzymes of attached protein molecules which contain live nutrients and bacteria. The brand I love and trust is Braggs but they’re a slew of other brands to choose from. In this entry, I’ll give you a few benefits of ingesting ACV as well as using it topically as a toner to promote beautiful skin.


Apple Cider Vinegar has an abundance of positive qualities that range from supporting a healthy immune system to your secret antidote against that monster size pimple that just reared its ugly head. ACV also promotes digestion and pH balance, helps to remove body sludge toxins, and can suppress your appetite and boost metabolism as well as give you an energy boost because its rich in enzymes and potassium. I personally love ACV for the benefits that relate to skincare. By drinking (2) tablespoons of ACV daily, you’ll be surprised how refereshed and clear your skin can become. Now dont think just drinking some vinegar will solve all of your cosmetic woes… Your diet, your cleansing habits, and your stress levels among other things also play important roles in clear skin. Heres a few ways I use ACV daily…

The Tonic

2 Tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar
8-12 oz of water
1 teaspoon of honey

I mix all of the above ingredients and take it back eevry morning. I said 8-12 oz of water because ACV is really strong and not that pleasant to ingest so depending on your taste buds you may need to dilute with more water. You’ll feel more energized and after a couple weeks you’ll notice a difference in your digestion and your skin.

The Toner

2 parts water
1 part raw organic apple cider vinegar

Mix water and ACV. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and use as a toner after cleansing to balance your skins pH and brightens your skin tone.

The Trick

Whenever I have a pimple appear out of no where, I dab a little ACV (undiluted) directly on the pimple before bed. In the morning its almost gone!

Now friends remember, these are things I personally use and do recommend but I am not a physician nor am I a dermatologist so if it doesnt work for you that is my disclaimer… 🙂

-Nik xoxo