Posted: December 10, 2014 in Poetry, Relationships, Uncategorized
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Of course I still think about you…
I just can’t afford to exude that amount of emotional effort only to relive prior love related tragedies…
Hate on you? Never that…
I’ll just admire you vicariously from a distance…
That’s my safest bet right now due to the wounds I’ve acquired battling to show you that I need you.
It’s hard not to expose my smile when I witness your capabilities and believe it or not, I still get that nervous feeling in my gut with just the thought of your glory.
I’m just a little more cautious and aware of the level of sanity I’m willing to risk while under your spell…
Truth is…
I’m beginning to realize that you are who you are…
You’re constant yet spontaneous
You’re consoling yet somewhat unstable
You’re inspiring yet nerve wrecking…
You are love.

-Nik πŸ’‹

Hey guys!!! Again I left another piece “untitled”… Of course I could’ve titled it the obvious… “Love”… But I wanted to see what you guys thought. Help me think outside the box. ☺️ Thanks for reading.

  1. You catch me off guard every time I really wasn’t expecting this to be Love. I swear I’m glad to know a person with your insight. Great work as usual

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